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    EZ-USB HX2LP default fuse ROM



      for a customer design we would like to employ the EZ-USB HX2LP hub in order to reduce the number of external connectors.


      It would be low volume and we would need only 2 ports but we would like to avoid to use the eeprom,


      so even if all of the 4 ports are enabled it is not a problem to us. 




      Is the internal fuseROM always preset in a default configuration so that we can get the part and use it without any customisation, or is the fuseROM supposed to be customised if no eeprom is used?     We tried taking the eeprom apart from the CY4606 dev board and the default conf works well but we wonder whether it is always preset like that (excluding customisations for high volumes)  or it is just the case of the developpment board. 




      Any other severe downside we might be missing?






      Giuseppe C.