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    Module for final product






      I am developing a product using the CY8CKIT-143A module, but the datasheet says "The CY8CKIT-143A module is intended for development purposes only. Users are advised to test and evaluate this module in an RF development environment. This module is not a fnished product and when assembled may not be resold or otherwise marketed unless all required authorizations are frst obtained."


      So I am not allowed to use this module, but is there any alternative module which is compatible? Maybe this one: CYBLE-224110-EVAL? I don't need pin compatibility, as long as the code is compatible and only has to be recompiled. I read that this module is certified too, but I don't see anything about using it in a final product.


      And if I use any pre-certified Bluetooth module, do I have to register and pay the Bluetooth fees?




      Thanks in advance.

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          Any product, especially an RF emitter, needs the appropriate certifications before being put on the market, or indeed leave the lab environment, where it can cause interference to other users - especially if it interferes with licensed spectrum. Using a pre-certified RF module exempts you from most of the RF emissions testing, but for example for CE (what I'm familiar with) you still need to prove EMC immunity, ESD etc.


          So using pre-certified modules essentially makes your certification process faster and cheaper, but doesn't exempt you from it.


          For Bluetooth it's a similar situation, using qualified modules lets you reuse the BT PHY QDID in your product so you only pay the declaration fee, no testing is necessary. But yes you still need to register and pay that fee. More advice here: https://www.bluetooth.com/develop-with-bluetooth/qualification-listing/do-i-need-to-list-qualify-my-product