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    MB9BF568 UART / USB Bootloader details for production


      Hello. Reviewing our best options for firmware upgrades for our target CPU (MB9BF568RBGL).


      1) What are the options for performing field upgrades? Saw that there is support for UART and/or USB flash programming but so far only the Cypress tools can be used.


      2) Where is the document that details on how to perform flash programming via UART interface on freshly assembled PCBs? USB programming?


      Looking for documentation and ideally code examples so we can embed into our appliance.


      3) The toolkits often use an external USB to JTAG bridge for similar programming over JTAG. Is the source code available for this USB to JTAG bridge so we can review?


      4) How can we protect our IP inside the flash and also yet perform field upgrades using the UART or USB interface? Do we have to implement a custom (UART) bootloader?


      If these questions are not suitable for this forum, can open a tech support ticket. Thanks!