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    CYW4307 Cryptography Core



      I have a CYW943907EVAL1F kit and am trying to make use of the on-board cryptography core as shown in the document below.




      However, I cannot find any documentation of how to make use of the core on the board. I have found an app snip/crypto/crypto.c which implements a variety of encrypt/decrypt routines (AES,DES etc) but seems to be purely reliant on software, as it uses libraries included in the WICED SDK. If anyone can point me to documentation or examples of the use of the hardware cryptography core I would much appreciate it.


      So far, my best lead is in a file called crypto_api.h under /include/ where functions including "hwcrypto_..." in the name can be found, but I have had no success yet. I have pasted both files:


      crypto.c : https://pastebin.com/qJYMT8k8


      crypto_api.h : https://pastebin.com/UTxV3EGd