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    FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit Development Board not working at USB2.0 Port

      Hi everyone.




      I have some problem.


      cuz when i try to JTAG debugging at Explorer Kit. USB2.0 port was not working


      not show anything...




      i try below step.


      1. insert j4 jumper


      2. connect Explorer Kit to my computer by usb 3.0 cable


      3. driver read success ( ' Cypress FX3 USB BootLoader Deevice' )


      4. connect usb 2.0 cable


      5. not working, not show anything




      when i see user guide. there write down like 'automatically install' and 'trouble shooting' but in that case was driver was pop up at device manager.


      but in my case, any pop up wasn't show at my computer. so, cant 'automatically install' and cant 'istall ownself'




      how can i do?


      anybody have same problem?