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    Lack of row stability in the symbol parameter editor

        I have been working on a component that has a significant number of parameters and find this "feature" a mean torture.    Anytime you try to do something on a parameter on the bottom of a long list and then touch a nearby one, the list scrolls back to the top, lossing focus on the one just touched.


      I invite you to try this:   Make a dummy component and create a few parameters A1, B1,C1...   Then select all of them, copy and then paste multiple times, lets say 5 times.    Then try to rename the ones in the bottom of the list to make An instead of A1_n...


      Lets say the bottom one is D1_5.   Rename it to D6 and touch the previous row name to proceed with it.    Too bad, the list is gone to the top!