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    L2CAP CBFC destination.


      I have implemented a high throughput L2CAP connection from the PSoC4 BLE to the CySmart 1.2 test dongle/program on Windows.  I had assumed that Android and Linux would support recieving these type of connections, but have as yet to find anything that is even close.  There is some RFCOMM support, but nothig that I can find allows me to recieve data from this PSoC using L2CAP?  This would be a huge oversight to have a protocol with no destination support, so I assume I am missing something.  Any advice?

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          Can you please clarify the question? Do you want L2CAP level API's. The IPSP is designed such a way that the stack directlt talks to L2CAP layer. Is that what you are looking for?




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            We are developing Android and Linux endpoints in Java and Python that will receive the data sent by the L2CAP stream.  We have not found any APIs that are able to act as receiving endpoints for the L2CAP.  I just want to be able to connect to the PSoC4BLE device from Linux and/or Android and receive the L2CAP messages just like the CySmart receives them.  SO, I am not sure if I am answering your question?  The PSoC side is all working to CySmart.