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    CYBLE-212019. What happens if there is a power outage during a firmware update?




      I am using a bootloadable component in my project which points to bootloader.hex. The bootloader.hex is generated from a bootloader project which is a UART bootloader. In short, I can update the firmware in my CYBLE module using an external embedded host via UART.


      I am using the UART host bootloading code from cypress to update my CYBLE. I was able to update my CYBLE successfully. So far so good. My image is of type .cyacd. 


      I am interested in knowing how the bootload component works. What happens if I interrupt the firmware update? Will my previous application run because the new image update was interrupted? 


      Say at 99% if I interrupted the firmware update and restarted the module, what will the CYBLE run? Can I issue an update to CYBLE again in this stage?


      Can a CYBLE ever enter into a state which causes the bootloader not to kick in?