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    CYW43907_FM Receiver Available & USB 3.0 Interface available?

      We are planning to use CYW43907.


      Please clarify below query,


      1. Is device will support FM Receiver?

      2. Shall i use USB 3.0 interface with this device?

      3. Development Kit available?

      4. Linux , Windows support?



      S. Asarudeen

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          Many thanks for your interest in the Cypress IoT products, especially in the CYW43907 chip which we have developed specifically for the IoT segment.


          Please refer below for answers to your questions


          1.  There is no direct support for FM receiver within the 43907 chip.  If this radio is required then it can be attached to the 43907.   We have many customers already that are utilising the extensive GPIO support on this device to add many/multiple radios to the 43907 as this chip has the on board resources to support the drivers.


          2.  No, the USB is 2,0 only


          3.  Yes, a full development kit is available from ourselves today and also from several of our module partners.   please refer to the IoT selector guide available on our website for more details.  Here is the link --  https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-3021


          4.  No.   The 43907 is developed specifically for IoT applications, therefore we provide a full SDK for the device which includes the development environment (Eclipse), toolchains, debuggers and source code, plus many example applications that can be built, downloaded and executed on a dev board with just a couple clicks.    please download the WICED SDK from the community website for full details.