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    wiced_network_up on ethernet interface, malloc error




      I'm using SDK 5.1.0 and BMUSI23 platform. I'm using ethernet.

      I had issues using ethernet because some of wiced method are set to use WICED_STA_INTERFACE, but i modified it, i'll propose a patch once everything is working, but if WICED is supposed to managed STA, and ethernet, it should be built in.


      Now, i have issues when trying using the wiced_network_up on ethernet :


      if(wiced_network_up(wifi_manager->interface,WICED_USE_EXTERNAL_DHCP_SERVER,NULL) == WICED_SUCCESS){          
           wifi_manager->status = ABL_WIFI_OK;

      Where the wifi_manager->interface is WICED_ETHERNET_INTERFACE.


      Then since it can't set it up (no ethernet cable plugged, so no IP), we end in this part of wiced_network_up :


           else if ( interface == WICED_ETHERNET_INTERFACE )       
                     platform_ethernet_deinit( );       

      And i have a malloc error (malloc_error( "Free arg not in malloc list", m );):



      When setting up the interface, the platform_ethernet_init is returning a WICED_SUCCESS, meaning that the etc_attach() worked, so the detach should be ok too.


      Let me know if you need more information