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    WWD and 43364 chip


      Hello all, I'm dealing with WICED SDK for the first time so I'm pretty unfamiliar with it.

      I'm working at a project which will use a Cortex-M4F MCU (running FreeRTOS+lwIP) connected via SDIO to a wifi module based on CYW43364.

      I think that in this case I need to use the WWD part of the SDK, but under WWD/internal/chips/ I cannot found a directory called 43364 as I would expect. Is it planned to be released in the future?


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          Which partner module are you using which exposes the SDIO interface and requires?  The partner themselves may be able to help you if they enabled you on a radio only device that is WICED based.


          Partners like Laird/LSR have off the shelf radio only WICED based offerings, such as Sterling LWB for WICED.


          Most partner modules embed the MCU and do not expose SDIO (black box).  There are Linux based radio only solutions as well.  All of these are shown in the IoT Solutions Guide

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            We were planning to use LBWA1KL1FX module from Murata. They sell this module mainly for integration with Linux-based hosts but we need to add wifi connectivity to a smaller system which runs FreeRTOS+lwIP, avoiding modules with internal TCP/IP stack for cost and integration reasons. This is why I've asked for the 43364 WWD drivers availability.

            If I'm not wrong this approach could be adopted with their old SN8000 module (based on 43362 chipset for which the WWD is available) but, since we are starting now our project, we prefer a newer solution such as with the 1FX module. Sterling LWB modules (4343W based) has been excluded because Bluetooth support is not required.

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              The wwd drivers used in CYW43364 are the one used in 4343x. You can check the compile log to find the same. To see the compile log, make the target as:  <application_name>-<platform_name> VERBOSE=1 download run