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    Error: Program "make" not found in PATH

      what‘s’ the problem of WICED IDE.


      How can I fix this ? I hope you can help me with this.

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          Please mention the version of WICED SDK you are using.


          It is showing error because the syntax is incorrect. Please go through <WICED STUDIO>43xxx_Wi-Fi>WICED>Makefile to find out what are the syntax options you are having to create your own build path. The space that you have provided between scan and ap_clients_rssi is not allowed because space here is used to differentiate between target, download, run or debug etc.


          A probable correct build format would be: snip.ap_clients_rssi CYW943907AEVAL1F download run


          If you want to go into debug mode the build format would be: snip.ap_clients_rssi CYW943907AEVAL1F-debug download


          The default network stack for WICED is NetX Duo and the default RTOS for WICED is ThreadX. If you want to use FreeRTOS or a different network stack, you have to mention it in your build format.

              snip.ap_clients_rssi-FreeRTOS-LwIP download run

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            make snip.scan app_clients_rssi would be interpreted as build scan snip code for app_clients_rssi platform which is wrong.

            However, the error message shows "Error: Program "make" not found in PATH". It's nothing to do with the build target.

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              I using WICED-SDK-3.3.1.

              Because the first time using WICED IDE software.I can't use it and not find about user guide online.

              I run the WICED-SDK-3.3.1>WICED-SDK>platforms>BCM943362WCD1>BCM943362WCD4   As shown below.


              Run resoult as shown below.


              But I run WICED-SDK-3.3.1>WICED-SDK>apps>snip>ap_clients_rssi can show error.As shown below.


              resoult as shown below.


              I don't know if the operation is correct,I hope you give me help. if you have WICED IDE user guide,you can share me it? thanks!

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                I came to employ Rroadcom WICED only recently,and I just run into some issues about Broadcom WICED’s development environment.

                I have spent lots of time on searching related information on the Internet,but the result is not satisfactory. It makes me hard to move on ,so can you help me?

                I guess the answer must be yes.Thank you.

                Here comes my question.How can I start a new project? If I use BCM943364 as server and Putty as client to connect BCM943364. I know there are some relevant information in the demo but I am just confused about how to connect the two.

                If you have the operating guide of Broadcom WICED,may you share it with me?

                And I will be very grateful if you have time to show me how to add the header files,library files and the source files ,and how to generate the object downloaded file.

                Except your reply!

                Thank you!


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                  Apart from the quick start guide which MichaelF_56 shared, you can use all the community resources like blog posts, documents to get started. To answer your question regarding 43364 as a server and putty as a client, you can go through the following link.


                  Testing the “apsta” snip and understanding its implementation


                  This link explains the apsta snip available in WICED SDK and helps you understand the basic working of WICED SDK.

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                    Thanks you reply!

                    I have another problem.

                    How do I set it in AP mode and STA mode?

                    How do I set serever and client in AP mode?

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                      The features demonstrated in the APSTA demo shows how to connect your WICED device to an AP  and allow other devices to connect to a softAP generated through APSTA. This is how you set up your device in AP mode.

                      Now to set up one device as server and another as client, you need to follow the tcp_server and tcp_client application. Build the one you want to use as server(i.e. BCM943364) with tcp_server application. Emulate the client as we have done through python script and connect to the IP address displayed in UART.

                      You need to make a new application incorporating the functionalities of tcp_server and apsta. Besides we will be able to help you properly if you let us know the problem you are facing after implementing the code.

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