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    Pair with multiple devices




      We will be using a master 20737s to connect multiple 20737s slaves. We would like to connect with pairing and by looking at the hello client and hello sensor examples the API only accepts one key. The questions is how to manage multiple connections where each of them has its own pairing key ?


      The API for setting the passkey looks like:





      As we can see the API is not "connection" aware, but it looks like it will use the same key for all the connections. More, our master will connect multiple devices and some of them will require pairing and some of them will not.



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          Never seen this before but possible in theory. The developer will need to create an array to store a few sets of pass-key and device an algorithm on how to select which one to use.

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            Thanks for confirming my worries.


            We have a pairing schema where the slave advertises itself and withing the manufacturer data advertises some data which is the used as a hashing algorithm to compute the pin code. The pin code thus changes once in while and is not fixed. That's why we need to be able to set pairing keys for each device.


            Moving forward we will probably have to wait for a SDK release. Do you have any timing about that ?

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              There are currently no plans to release a newer version of the WICED Smart SDK, which is the one needed for development on CYW2073X devices.