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    MXChip's new Microsoft Azure Certified IoT Devkit (IoT-AZ3166)...


      The MXChip Microsoft Azure Certified IoT development kit is an all-in-one kit optimized for prototyping and developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions which leverage Microsoft Azure services. The IoT-AZ3166 utilizes MXChip's EMW3166 module, which combines the power of a ST Microelectronics STM32F412 Cortex-M MCU with a Cypress CYW43362 for WiFi connectivity.


      This Microsoft Azure-based kit provides Arduino compatible headers with rich peripheral support to include an OLED display, sensors, hardware debugging (ST-Link) and security.  An expanding project catalog provides innovative samples for learning and reference, along with comprehensive documentation for further study. The kit can also leverage Visual Studio Code with Arduino Extensions to quickly build a robust IoT applications that integrate multiple services such as Azure IoT Hub, Logic App and Cognitive Services.


      The IoT-AZ3166 from MXChip is now available for $39.95 at plugable.com


      Project Examples:




      Unboxing a Microsoft Azure IoT-AZ3166 development kit...

      IoT-AZ3166: Voice to Facebook Timeline demo...

      "Shake" demo using the Microsoft Azure IoT-AZ3166 development kit.




      IoT-AZ3166 Features:

      • IOT Connectivity
        • MQTT, HTTPS, Wifi
      • Sensors
        • Humidity & Temperature, Gyroscope & Accelerometer, Pressure, Magnetometer, Microphone, IrDA
      • I/O Connectivity
        • 25 GPIOs, I2C, Serial, USB
      • Secure Hardware