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    Project RoboCup (category Small Size League)


      Hello Dear friends, Good morning!

      I am doing a project that involves robotics with omni directional wheels, we will participate in competitions of the RoboCup League community, and my project consists of the construction of the Robots football players of the Small Size League category. I would like to know what advantages PSoc 6 offers in a project like this. Remembering that we will program autonomous robots and that uses image processing to interact with others. Very grateful everyone's attention!

      Marcio Figueiredo

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          Hi Marcio,


          If you require a microcontroller to handle image processing, PSoC 6 is not recommended, due to the high processing power that image processing applications usually require (> 1 GHz). However, PSoC 6 is a great fit for motor control and handle all sort of sensors, like ultrasonic sensors and distance laser sensors.



          Rodolfo Lossio

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