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    43907 deepsleep measurements




      I have one of the BCM943907AEVAL1F-2 boards, running wiced 5.0.1

      I am trying to test the ping.deepsleep function.

      It appears to work as an app, ping every 3 cycles.

      However the measured current consumption seems high.

      Measuring the voltage on the test points (10V=1A) test point, the Voltage appears to be 0.89V which to my mind translates to 89mA.

      This seems high. Could you advise what the measurement should be?





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          We have this application note describing the current consumption in different aspects. Please refer to this. Also understand the procedure for do so. If you still need help please let me know.

          >> http://www.cypress.com/file/298231/download

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            Thanks for the information that is good starting point.

            However there are a couple of issues.

            I don't have the reference board or tester you are referring to .

            i have this kit - CYW943907AEVAL1F Evaluation kit

            It has on it 2 test points GND and 10v=1A.

            I want to do basic testing with a multimeter to get an idea of what the currents are in different modes. how do i set this board up to test, and realistically should snip.ping_deepsleep be consuming so much current out of the box?




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              Maybe you could try measure it via digital scope !

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                My point was more that Cypress has 2 test points on the eval kit that appear to be there to measure current consumption.


                the guide in the app note is for an internal test board, that i don't have access to. so what i'm trying to get hold of is some basic guidance on what values would be expected at this test point using the

                ping._deepsleep , ping_powercycle and ping_powersave snip applications that are in WICED 5.0

                At the moment deepsleep appears to be lower power (34mA vs 80mA for powersave and powercycle).

                However i would expect deepsleep and powersave to behave similarly as the code is practically the same. and i would expect powercycle to be lower as it completely deinits the network. and in my mind off should be lower power than sleep. this is why i'd like to try and find some reference power figures for the same board for the same test to make sure i'm doing everything right.


                as for the app note, the test.powersave project will not build in wiced 5.0

                it generates an error related to $home/.gdbinit when you try to build


                what i really would like to know is which API's in WICED setup the system as per usecase 2 and 3 so that i can pull them in to a real project

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                  Was there any resolution to this? I am having issues with the test applications with the CYW43907 and WICED Studio/SDK 6.2