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    Can't get com port connection on windows 10, WICED studio, and BCM94343WWCD1_EVB


        When I plug in my BCM94343WWCD1_EVB (BCM94343WWCD1_EVB Evaluation and Development Kit | Cypress Semiconductor ) the quick start guide says I should see both a device and a COM port connection.  The only thing I can seem to get under the device manager in windows 10 is two "Other devices" both called "WICED Eval Board" and both having a yellow triangle with exclamation point saying I don' have the drivers installed.  When I installed WICED studio I think it tried installing drivers, and I've since tried every possible inf and installer I can find and nothing seems to work. 


      I've also tried a windows 7 enterprise machine, and it also gave errors on installation of studio, and also only shows those two devices under "other devices".


      So is there something wrong with the hardware eval board that it isn't even connecting properly as a serial device?  I do see a few flickers on the UART LED on the board, and I did check the appendix in the quick start and it said to check the 3v3 led was lit. It is lit and 5V is NOT lit. 


      Any ideas?  I'm dying here.  Thanks!