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    openocd-all-bcrm-libftdi.exe crashes when debugger is started


      We like to run and debug the snip.apple_homekit.window_covering_service on a BCM9WCD9EVAL1 Board.

      But as far the debugger is started, the openocd-all-bcrm-libftdi.exe crashes with the message "funktioniert nicht mehr".


      We have the following configuration:

      WICED-Studio- on WIN7

      Eval Board: BCM9WCD9EVAL1 with BCM943364WCD1_2 mounted.


      We inserted the Platform BCM943364WCD1 in VALID_PLATFORMS in window_covering_service.mk file and made the following target:

      snip.apple_homekit.window_covering_service-BCM943364WCD1-debug download USE_MFI=1

      After the debugger has been started, it crashes. See attached openocd log.

      Whats's wrong here?



      The download and run configuration for this target (snip.apple_homekit.window_covering_service-BCM943364WCD1 download run USE_MFI=1)

      is runnig without any problem.

      The debugging for the demo.aws_iot.pub_sub.publisher works also.