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    Init Scan Timer_1s Stop

      Hello everyone.

      I have the following problem.

      When I put in the code blecen_Scan the timer 1s stopped working.

      Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

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          Are you referring to the SW 1s application_timeout? And where did you put blecen_Scan?


          In any case, I assumed that you are working on a client application and I would like to refer to the hello_client application.

          If P0 is pressed for 6s, then the client_app will deemed it as an interrupt and proceed to call the handler, subsequently entering

          a high duty scanning state:


              ble_trace0("Stop adverts and start high scan");

              bleprofile_Discoverable(NO_DISCOVERABLE, NULL);




          Do refer to the hello_client app on how to deploy blecen_Scan.

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            Did you perform the kill_timer function first before you start it?


            // change timer callback function.  because we are running ROM app, need to

            // stop timer first.


                bleprofile_regTimerCb(hello_client_app_fine_timer, hello_client_app_timer);


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              Yes, 1s application_timeout. I put blecen_Scan in the "create" function.


              I do not use the killtimer function, but using her did not work.


              The timer will worl if the blecen_scan function is commented on.


              My app need scan beacons advertisements and send data via UART. Blecen_scan is the better way to do 20737 scan beacons?

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                Ok, perhaps now I understand the question. If you initiate the blecen_scan in the create function, it will enter this state of scanning until it is interrupted. You will have to implement the blecen_scan(No scan) some where to interrupt/break it, then those timers will continue to work and count. Alternatively, don't start the scan in the create function, put it in an interrupt handler.


                For example:


                void app_create(void)





                    // Enable Button Interrupt


                    // register to process peripheral advertisements, notifications and indications

                    blecm_RegleAdvReportCb((BLECM_FUNC_WITH_PARAM) advertisement_handler);



                    bleprofile_regTimerCb(app_fine_timer, app_timer);



                void app_fine_timer(UINT32 arg){}  //do nothing

                void app_timer(UINT32 arg){

                     ble_trace0("1s has elapsed");



                The above will allow the timer to run, and if I apply an interrupt, the state will change to that of scanning. You may also want to implement a

                callback when the scanning process ends, then the device will return to counting again. Insert some traces to show the executions.