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    BCM20736S Footprint improvement



      we are using the BCM20736S (CYW20736S) BLE Module.

      For rapid prototyping the component placement and soldering is done semi-professional in our company (reflow soldering).

      The footprint is exactly like the one specified in the technical reference manual.

      But only 25% of the BLE modules are working correctly. The ones not working show no signs of life at all (most likely: some pins not connected or maybe high temperature).


      Does someone has ideas to lower the failure rate (except for external/professional soldering)?


      Thank you so much in advance!

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          The closest we have is the information on Pg23 of the 20736S module datasheet. It also includes detailed solder reflow profiling information. If this is not helpful, you may have to work with your module supplier to find out the root cause. And btw, do take care of the crystal warmup issue for modules.

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