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    connection handle will increase always


      Hi All,

          I tested WICED Smart SDK 2.2.1 to 2.2.3, and found a bug of connection timeout easily, I used 20736 as hello_client master, and tried to connect 4 max ble slave devices, there were 34 ble slave devices advertising at the same time, two 20736 master boots up at the same time and connected advertising slave devices competitively,

      I configured blecm_setmaxconnection(5) to APPLICATION_INIT(), and set blecm_ConMuxInit(5) in the function: hello_client_create(void); when connection timeout occurs, for example the first time connection failure, the connection handle should be 0x40 if successfully, next time , the successful connection handle will begin from 0x41, and reach 0x43 max value, it will not reuse 0x40 handle any more,if I try to connect the fourth connection, it always occur connection timeout issue, and can't connect 4 slave devices, this issue can be reproduced easily, any one face such issue? thanks a lot.