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    Shadow not connecting to MQTT brokers


      Hi all,

      we want to demostrate shadow example with WICED sdk 3.7.0-3



      SDK : WICED Wi Fi SDK 3.7.0-3

      Platform : SN8205


      AWS cloud side:

      I have created thing on AWS cloud.

      Downloaded certificates


      Device side

      - start in built application(i haven't made any change in already built aws_demo/shadow application.i am using it as it is)

      - downloaded code in my SN8205 board

      - Connect to WICED_AWS

      - Uploaded Certificates and private Key

      - choosen Network

      Now on UART i can see device is connected to Router.

      but it is not publishing or subscribing data.please can anyone explain if i am missing anything in setup??aws_mqtt_issue.png

      i am attaching screenshot here...


      Please help here.