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    ADC with dual-sampling capability


      Hello Cypress,


      Thank you for all the nice preview information!


      One "elephant in the room" is the inclusion of a *single* ADC only.  My application, as well as many others, require simultaneous sampling of two channels.  This is common in motor control, for example.  Will a future version have 2 (or more) complete ADCs?  Or, will I need to wait for the M7-based parts;-)


      Thank you again!




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          Hello dbassett_1663126


          The current devices with PSoC 6 architecture presents numerous blocks with analog capabilities. However, I agree that the devices do not have that extensive analog resources as the earlier PSoC 5LP devices. Having said that, the PSoC 6 architecture has been built to be able to provide more analog, such as extra ADCs per your expectation. We will definitely take your feedback and see what we can do to enable it.




          MichiyukiY_91, for your note please.