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    FreeRTOS Threads making controller RESET


      Hello All,


      We are working on FreeRTOS Related project.



      WICED sdk 3.5.2

      FreeRTOS version 8.2.1


      We are using in built code of "config_mode" Application which is running Fine.

      Now we have made change regarding thread create:

      we have created two threads and two function for same.

      Priority are 4 and 5

      Problem : when we run code with FreeRTOS , it first run higher priority task then lower one.but after some time automatically reset is happening (30 seconds nearly).

      If i remove thread creation , then no reset is there.

      so why application is getting reset with freeRTOS???Is there any priority related issue?I have changed Priority to 9,9 respectively.But still RESET is happening.


      This problem is not faced with "ThreadX" RTOS.