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    Migrating PSoC4A-BLE to PSoC6A-BLE


      I have a customer in Israel who wants to start a design using PSOC Creator 4.1 and is targeting a PSOC4A-BLE version 4.2 device. He wants to migrate the design to PSOC6A-BLE and he wants to know how easily it is to migrate from is PSOC4A-BLE to PSOC6A- BLE? The desire of the customer would be to have low impact on firmware change and API command change. I need to know how compatible API commands are between the current BLE stack version 4.2 and the new version 5.0 stack? This is also bearing in mind that the RF hardware is different between the two PSoC families. I am not easily able to articulate my answer as I know know what efforts have been made to enable easy migration between the two.