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    How to reduce wake up time for each Tx and Rx packet for CYW43340 module

      Hi All,


      I am working on CYW43340 module with Atmel as the host processor. We observed that the WiFi module is awake for 200ms after every packet before going to deep sleep. Observed the same from Omnipeek packet captures.


      This is causing a battery drain for our wearable device and we would like to know if we have any wl command or setting in the driver to reduce this monitor interval.


      Our driver and firmware version currently:

      1.141 RC77.0

      wl0: Jan 30 2015 19:22:32 version (r530911) FWID 01-5b07cccc


      Any help would be helpful.




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          Hello Rupesh,


          You can try the following commands.

          wl mpc 0 (default:1)

            0=Disable minimum power control mode (required prior to WLAN RF/MFG


            1=Enable minimum power control mode (this is the default mode for

          non-MFG F/W and most MFG F/W)

          wl PM

            returns : The power management mode, 0=CAM(Constantly awake),

          1=PS(power-save), 2=FAST PS mode

            In the BRCM WLAN driver, FAST PS mode consumes slightly more power

          than the standard PS mode, but can operate at higher rates(close to

          54g^r rates).

            The difference btw FAST&PS is dependent on the usage model

            1) If there is no traffic, there is no difference.

            2) If the traffic is a ready stream(some packets every DTIM),

          there is no difference

            3) IF the traffic is a stream that happens less often than

          every DTIM, then the adapter consumes more power in FAST PS mode and

          less power but more latency in PS mode. the amount of power difference

          depends on the frequency of traffic.





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