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    Help! BCM 1DX - changing Bluetooth MAC on-board ( imx7s - 4.1.32 kernel )




      Our company has developed a product that is currently in production using a 1DX_4343W BT/WIFI module. Problem is that all the Bluetooth MAC's are the same across all boards, obviously not a good thing! There is no provision for the Windows tool to be connected to our boards in order to program the 1DX module in place.


      So a few questions:

      1) The current BT MAC for all boards is 43:43:A1:12:1F:AC, where is this actually coming from/located?

      2) How can I change this Bluetooth MAC either in the build, the BCM driver or on the device itself in-situ so all BT device are different?

      3) Can this BT MAC be changed within the *.OOB.cal *.SDIO.cal files? If so how are they loaded into the 1DX runtime? In my *.cal file I have the following line: macaddr=00:90:4c:c5:12:38, however this has no relationship to the BT MAC I see via HCI0 ( Bluetooth ) nor my WIFI MAC.


      As you can see my knowledge if the 1DX workings is pretty much nil, so any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.