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    WICED make file



           Do you have any document can tell me how to make a .mk file to the project.

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          It's actually quite simple. Here are the steps i see to create a .mk file.

          Let us assume that you are creating application in apps/snip/user_app.


          1. You name the file as user_app.mk. Define name of the app

          NAME :=App_user_app

          2. Add all the source file using

               $(NAME)_SOURCES +=user_app.c

          3. Add required components, for instance

              $(NAME)_COMPONENTS += protocols/MQTT

          3. If you use any other resources like certificate or html page then add them under

              $(NAME)_RESOURCES  := apps/aws_iot/rootca.cer

          4. In case you want to define WLAN credentials separately then,

             WIFI_CONFIG_DCT_H := wifi_config_dct.h

          5. if you have any Global define then define them here, for instance


          6. Optionally, you can also define if this for specific platform using

             VALID_PLATFORMS :=


          Look at either apps/snip/scan/scan.mk or apps/test/console/console.mk for a more detailed example

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