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    802.11n support in CYW4343W



      Our product embeds a Murata LBEE5KL1DX Wifi chip based on Cypress CYW4343W and we now have to certify it.

      For this platform, NXP provides 'wl' utility, custom linux driver 'bcmdhd.mfgtest.ko' and custom Wifi firmware to benefit from the packet engine that allows raw packets transmission. Everything is working just fine for 802.11b/g but not for 802.11n.


      BCM4343W datasheet isn't very clear about that and never mentions the 40MHz bandwidth allowed by the standard.

      "Explicit IEEE 802.11n transmit beamforming


      IEEE 802.11n— Handheld Device Class (Section 11)"


      If I try to select either a 40MHz BW or an n-band-specific bitrate with 'wl', here is what I get:

      # wl 2g_rate --rate=11 --bandwidth=20

      # wl 2g_rate --rate=11 --bandwidth=40

      wl: Not In Range

      # wl 2g_rate --rate=52

      wl: Not In Range

      # wl 2g_rate --rate=asdfasfg

      wl_rate: could not parse "asdfasfg" as a value for --rate option

      2g_rate    Force a fixed rate for data frames in the 2.4G band:


          Either "auto", or a simple CCK/DSSS/OFDM rate value:

          1 2 5.5 11 6 9 12 18 24 36 48 54

      It's like 'wl' or the chipset doesn't like any 802.11n parameters. Any thought? Am I missing something?


      Thank you,