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    Bridging WICED AP and STA interfaces to route traffic between


      I am working with a Particle Photon (https://docs.particle.io/datasheets/photon-datasheet/#interfaces) embedded device and would like to use the WICED SDK in the Photon firmware to run the device in APSTA mode, while being able to forward received traffic in AP mode upstream through STA mode (connected to another network). I have read through the SNIP/APSTA program in the documentation, but it seems that the purpose of that program is just to serve a wiced.com redirect and not route actual packets across the interfaces. I am in the process of combing through both the WICED SDK and the Photon firmware to try to find something I can use to bridge the two interfaces but am coming up short. So far, I am able to start a photon in AP mode, and have clients connect to it but not connect to the internet. I am then able to start the client in STA mode and resolve DNS requests and print them to the serial. The one thing I cannot do is link the two interfaces. Any advice at all would be appreciated.

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          I think it should be possible to route traffic between AP and STA in a WICED device. You can consider starting an HTTP webserver on the AP interface and register callback for handling HTTP requests from connected client. The callback would receive data encapsulated in the HTTP request from client and this data can be routed over the STA interface by starting an HTTP client on the STA interface and sending this data over an HTTP request to the HTTP server. Similarly traffic can be routed from STA to AP.