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    PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit First Impressions


      Hey Everyone.


      I’m new to the world of Cypress Pioneer Kits and PSoC Creator so I thought I would take a few moments to feed back to any other ‘noobs’ in the community about my ‘Out of Box’ experience of the kit, now that I have had a chance to play with it.


      I guess the first thing to say is that the PSoC 6 Pioneer kit box contains everything you need to get going: unlike some other vendor’s kits I have used before, there isn’t anything else you need to go out and get in order to start using it. That is something I appreciate.


      Using the kit installer included with the PSoC 6 tools and documentation was a straightforward Windows install, so no problems there.


      At this point, after the install, it can seem pretty daunting as there is what seems like a wall of PDF documentation available. While the ‘Quick Start Guide’ (a hard copy is also included in the kit box) provides a useful hardware map of the I/O connector pinouts, LEDs, buttons etc., I found the most useful document for getting my bearings with the kit and software tools was the kit guide (CY8CKIT-062-BLE_kit_Guide.pdf). This gives you an 'executive summary' so you can understand what hardware is on your board and quickly get PSoC Creator IDE to interact with it.


      The PSoC 6 and EINK shield come pre-loaded with a nice example that, when you dissect it in the IDE, shows you how to both use CapSense data and write text data to the EINK screen.


      There are two other application-scale examples. One uses CapSense with the CySmart BLE dongle for touch sensing data and the other uses them for proximity sensing data.


      These examples are complex enough that you get a great opportunity to inspect the software libraries being used in ‘real’ applications. Which is pretty much where I am right now: getting my head round using the in-built PSoC component catalog and the software support libraries.


      It’s been an interesting introduction to the world of Cypress tools and so far, I’m having fun with it!


      About Me: I have a degree in Electronic Engineering and I have spent the majority of my career working with embedded technologies, especially in high-speed digital signal processing applications. I currently work for RS Components, who are celebrating 80 years of supplying industry - especially the electronics industry - in 2017. RS Components is an official distributor for Cypress Semiconductor where you can buy PSoC6 dev kits.