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    Read two BLE values into one App

      Hi All,

      I can use the two tools, Atmosphere Developer web-based tool and Atmosphere Programmer, to create a simple program and Android App for reading an analog value from one BLE module and display it on my phone. Would someone please instruct me on how to use the tools to read two analog values from two BLE modules and display their values on one app? I know there is an older Anaren multi-temperature sensing app out there, but I'm not sure how to develop this kind of app that can read multiple BLE module inputs and display the two values on one app page.

      Thanks in advanced,

      - Marty

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          Moving to the Anaren forum, adding mida_2165396

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            I believe the answer to my issue may be the use of the Wiced Smart SDK (I’m just getting started with it) and the Cypress community would be the people that could answer my questions. But they can’t now since you moved my post. Also Anaren tells me to address my support needs to the Cypress community, so I did. Now I’m being sent back.




            Do you think that the SDK can allow me to write the code to allow one Central server to talk to multiple Peripheral clients? The Atmo programmer doesn’t seem to allow this type of program/app programming.




            I just need a code snippet, tutorial, YouTube, or links to these to get me moving forward. I’ve got two BLE modules and an Android phone on which I’d like to pair/connect with and display one data value coming from each.




            I’d appreciate it if you could help with this.




            BTW, who/where is “airlinepilot_MD”? Sounds like an Angel Flight medical pilot. My brother flew these types of missions, for free.





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              Take a look at Hello Client/Hello Sensor.


              BoonT_56 may also be able to help.

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                The old Multi-sensor temperature application that you have mentioned does not use BLE. Atmosphere allows to rapidly develop your firmware on the A20737 module and the mobile app, however the mobile app is not able to support multiple connections simultaneously.


                You will either need to use the BLE module as a central [Hello Client Hello Sensor demo app will be a good place to start] or if you need to have an android app, you will have to write the app using native code which will allow you to connect mulitple devices simulatanoeusly.


                Hope this helps.



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                  You may check out the hello_client app for reference on how things are done, although it may not be applicable if you are developing an Android app. I will point out a few functions/callbacks here:


                  1) To enable a device to emulate a Client role:


                      blecm_ConMuxInit(HELLO_CLIENT_MAX_SLAVES); //this allows the central to connect up to 4 (default) peripherals




                      blecen_Create(); //this creates the Central/Client role


                  2) To receive notification when controller receives advertisement from the peripheral


                  // register to process peripheral advertisements, notifications and indications

                      blecm_RegleAdvReportCb((BLECM_FUNC_WITH_PARAM) hello_client_advertisement_report);

                  // You may then go on to define what you want to do in the callback (hello_client_advertisement_report).

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