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    [WICED-SDK-2.4.1] Phone Wifi doesn't receive DHCP Offer

      I have an issue with Wifi DHCP thread.

      1. Test condition

          Device is running as an AP.

      2. Issue

          Just after the booting, the device is connected from the phone wifi correctly.

          After maybe about 30 minutes, the phone cannot connect to the device.

          Phone is always trying to discover the device but it seems that the phone cannot receive this offer response from the device.

          When this happens, the issue continues until reboot. and regardless of the phones.


      Can any one give me a clue how to solve this issue?

      I attach the air log here for someone to help me.


      Thank you...

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          After the phone associates with the WICED Wi-Fi softAP, does it disassociate from the AP at some point of time thereby necessitating re-association after 30 minutes? Does the disassociation happen automatically or do you manually disassociate the phone from the AP? When you stated that the phone does not receive offer response, does it mean that the SSID of the softAP is not shown on the phone? I would recommend you to move to the latest version of WICED and then check if you are still facing the issue. I could not understand the log file attachment; can you please attach wireshark traces containing the issue?

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            Checking the release notes for the WICED SDK, release 2.4.1 was released over 4 years ago ( specifically 3 March 2014)


            As part of the continual development of the SDK to add features, address security fixes, and ensure the SDK is the most stable robust IoT solution available, there have clearly been a very large number of updates since 2.4.1 was released.


            We are unable to apply specific fixes on such an old release but would advise you download the current SDK 5.xx release and retest.





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