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    PSOC6 Tools requirement


      I am working on PSOC4 BLE at present. I want to switch to PSOC6 and had some queries listed below:

      1. Whether PSOC6 will work with PSOC creator 4.1, If not than which IDE is available for PSOC 6.

      2. Whether MiniProg3 Programmer/Debugger can be used with PSOC6.

      3. Whether ready made Bbluetooth stack is available for BLE 5 in PSOC 6.

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          1) Yes, PSoC 6 will work with Creator 4.1. I will be posting a reveal tool for Creator 4.1 that will "reveal" the PSoC 6 parts, one of the perks for joining and following this community

          2) Yes, miniprog3 will support PSoC 6

          3) Yes, the BLE stack will be ready made in PSoC 6, just like in PSoC 4 BLE


          Thanks for the question and let me know if you have others!

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