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    A2DP sink support on combo chip

      I'm having trouble understanding which Wi-Fi/BT combo chips, if any, can act as A2DP sinks and send the resulting audio via I2S to a DSP. There is some discussion of the 43907 line being able to do this, and indeed some of those are listed as valid platforms in apps/snip/bluetooth_audio/bluetooth_audio.mk. However, when I looked up the only 43907 model for which I could find documentation, the CYW43907KWBG, the datasheet indicates that it is Wi-Fi only. Do these other versions with WCD, WAE, and APS suffixes exist anywhere, or are they yet to be released?


      I presently have a BCM94343WWCD1 dev board; although it has the right radio bits and I2S ports, it seems this is not supported by Cypress. Is that true, and if so, could someone tell me what the missing pieces are?



         --Doug Brunner