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    CYW43907 / Imp005 eval board #2




      My question follows the below discussion:

      CYW43907 / Imp005 eval board




      As Dave wrote in the discussion 1GC-958 (wiced ) platform should be ready in Q2 2017. it's Q3 2017 actually.

      (1) Do you have any news regarding it? imp005 platform is not a general wifi platform, it develops specific features for Electric Imp client-server relations. There is no way to setup imp005 as access point for example. All retailers sell imp005 (chip & evaluation boards), but not 1GC-958 solution.


      (2) Is it possible to order samples of 1GC-958 as well as some eval board  with 958?


      Regarding reprogramming imp005 board. I understand that imp005 cannot be debugged with WICED.

      (3) Is it possible just to program external flash with FW image generated in WICED & get it worked on imp005? (UART debug can be used  &  as soon as I know JTAG interface exists originally in 43907 is disabled in both Murata solutions (958 & imp005).