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    error while debugging



      I tried to make the changes with reference to the link---Creating and/or Editing Debug Configurations  .But I am getting error like "no source available".I have attached the screen shot .Can anyone help me how to resolve this issue or else how to setup debug environment completely.


      I am using wiced sdk 4.1.0

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          I suggest you to first compile the make-target before you go for debug configurations. The .elf used will be the last successful built snip/demo application. Please let us know which platform and snip applications you are using for us to give some more suggestions.

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            Hi rameshm_61


            I try to build the test.console ofr LSRSTERLING_00950 with the debug option , and I get this:


            Making test.console-LSRSTERLING_00950-debug.elf

            c:/wiced-eclipse/workspace/43xxx_wi-fi/tools/arm_gnu/bin/win32/arm-none-eabi-ld.exe: build/test.console-LSRSTERLING_00950-debug/binary/test.console-LSRSTERLING_00950-debug.elf section `.text' will not fit in region `APP_CODE'

            c:/wiced-eclipse/workspace/43xxx_wi-fi/tools/arm_gnu/bin/win32/arm-none-eabi-ld.exe: region `APP_CODE' overflowed by 74240 bytes

            make.exe[1]: *** [build/test.console-LSRSTERLING_00950-debug/binary/test.console-LSRSTERLING_00950-debug.elf] Error 1

            tools/makefiles/wiced_elf.mk:262: recipe for target 'build/test.console-LSRSTERLING_00950-debug/binary/test.console-LSRSTERLING_00950-debug.elf' failed

            Makefile:330: recipe for target 'main_app' failed

            make.exe[1]: Target 'test.console-LSRSTERLING_00950-debug' not remade because of errors


            I still can't find the way to setup a debug session. what is missing in the make configuration and what should be the debug configuration in eclipse.


            please advise,



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              Hi Arie,

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                Hello Arie,


                Mostly this is because the platform which you are using don't have enough memory to fit the console and WL tool. I think you have enabled the following macro in you .mk file



                # Wl tool inclusion


                # Platforms & combinations with enough memory to fit WL tool, can declare CONSOLE_ENABLE_WL := 1

                CONSOLE_ENABLE_WL ?= 1

                # Enable wl commands which require large data buffer. ex: wl curpower, wl dump ampdu, ...

                # set WL_COMMAND_LARGE_BUFFER=1 to enable this. Default is disabled.

                WL_COMMAND_LARGE_BUFFER ?= 1


                Can you provide your platform details? Also disable the above macro and test the app. Also check with snip.scan application.

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