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    CYW20706 Ref BOM


      Where do we find the reference BOM for the CYW20706  including caps, antenna, etc?




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          Unfortunately, the 20706 is not yet fully supported in the broad market Mike.


          The good news is that it is supported within the WICED SDK and boards are available on MySamples for CY personnel.


          There is also an updated Quick Start document in the kit for the EVK within WICED studio: /20706-A2_Bluetooth/doc/WICED-CYW20706-Kit-Guide.pdf


          You may want to talk to the local CY team about the engagement and see if it qualifies for early access. If so, they can probably sample a board and track down the schematics through a MySamples/SFDC case.


          The schematics will be posted to the community once the device is fully broad market.