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    snip.email smtp send failed again


      Hello there,


      I followed Using the Email App From WICED SDK 3.1.2 to verify snip.email by wiced studio 4.x and newest 5.0 all found same issue.

      To debug this the issue happened on function "wiced_smtp_send" of smtp.c.

      In the section:

      /* Check if decoded string is username challenge */

              if ( strnstr( buffer, (uint16_t)buffer_length, smtp_username_prompt, sizeof(smtp_username_prompt) - 1 ) )





                  VERIFY(SMTP_MORE_INFO, get_smtp_reply_code(&account->internal->smtp_socket, packet));


                  WPRINT_APP_INFO(( " \n ***get_smtp_reply_code result = %d \n", result ));



      Failed in "get_smtp_reply_code" function, error message is as below

      data = 501 5.5.2 Cannot Decode response l63sm.......


      Attached file is smtp.c with adding debug message,  anyone could have suggestion for me?

      Thanks very much.