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    Hello, I'm a noob and want to get started...



      I am looking for the docs for the new PSoC6.


      Can somebody provide me with the links to get the proper version of Creator, PDL etc.? These don't seem to be current published.


      I believe I need:

        + Creator 4.1 (I have 4.0)

        + PDL (3.0), etc.

        + QuickStart Guide

        + Code Examples

        + Any other useful links, noob resources




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          So at first install latest PSoC Creator. Unfortunately, AFAIK, PSoC Creator for 6th gen boards is not yet available - but in the meanwhile, just install what is available, and you can start.

          The boards are unavailable at this time, too, but if you are new to this, I would recommend you to get started with single-core MCUs, like PSoC 5.

          Then, inside PSoC Creator there are datasheets for components. Do a search on this web, there are surely a few examples (or maybe builtin in PSoC Creator - I am not sure).


          Also, I hope that you understand, that the board itself without external circuitry(or onboard peripherals, if there are any) is almost useless, so you will need to learn this too - again do a search on the internet, there is certainly something available.


          Feel free to ask, if you have any other questions, or you do not understand something.