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    sdk 4.1.1 build problem after update from 4.0


      I just updated my build environment from 4.0 to 4.1.1. The deployment files for waf.sflash_write-NoOS-BCM94343W_AVN-SDIO no longer build.

      The rest of the project builds and runs fine.

      The last time they successfully built was just before I installed the 4.1.1 package.


      Switching the workspace back to 4.0 doesn't resolve the issue.


      Did something change for 4.1 that replaced the need for these files? (Different deployment files?)

      Did any of the 4.1.1 changes for OTA2 break the old OTA?


      How can I get back to building with 4.0 if I still need these files to be build if I decide not to use 4.1.1?


      If I don't plan on using OTA2, is it possible to hack the mk files back to 4.0 compatibility and still use 4.1.1 and newer?