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    BCM4343W - Sending Data over Bluetooth BLE

      I have been exclusively using BCM94343W Module to send sensor data over WiFi.

      Now i want to send sensor data over Bluetooth to a gateway but struggling to find right demo.

      I don't have prior experience with Bluetooth, so any guidance will be very appreciated !!

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          Try these....





          * This application demonstrates how to use the Bluetooth SmartBridge API. The app

          * scans for remote Bluetooth Smart devices and allows users to select which device

          * to connect with. Users interact with the app via a webpage running on a local

          * webserver. Once a connection to a remote device is established, services and

          * characteristic values for the device are reported in real-time on the webpage


          * The application demonstrates the following features ...

          *  - Bluetooth SmartBridge (with Security, Attribute Cache, and multiple concurrent

          *    connections support enabled)

          *  - DNS redirect

          *  - Webserver

          *  - Gedday mDNS / DNS-SD Network Discovery



          /43xxx_Wi-Fi/apps/demo/bt_internet_gateway may work as well: BIG RESTful Smart Server Demo

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            Thanks for the quick response. Will look into the demo.


            To elaborate further, I would like to create an example application where say 2 Peripheral BCM94343 Modules are transmitting sensor data to a Master BCM94343 Module. The Master  which then pushes all sensors data out via WiFi. So if this were the problem, what would be the closest BLE demo i can start with?

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              All i want is to beacon / broadcast the data. Am not seeing any demo's or include libraries for BCM94343. Any suggestions?