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    Standby current and CPU efficiency

      Could you give more information on different standby/ sleep modes of this part and the current consumption in each mode? Also what is the rough number for CPU efficiency in uA/MHz?

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          Active power consumption for the M4 is as low as 22uA/MHz and 15uA/MHz for the M0+.

          Deep-sleep mode consumes ~4.5uA (typ), hibernate is ~300nA (typ), numbers are with limited peripherals functioning.

          With full features running, and processors running max, current consumption is ~6mA for the M4 @ 150MHz, 2.5mA @ 100MHz for the M0+, at 1.1V operation. Note that these numbers are preliminary.


          Thanks for the question, let me know if you have others.

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            Hi iym,


            Thanks for your answers. Is 4.5uA consumption for 1.1V supply as well? So using external 3V battery with probably an internal DCDC to step the voltage down, the current consumption from battery would be close to 1.5uA, is this correct? Also, could you give more information on the deep sleep mode (RAM retention, etc) and how it is different from hibernate mode?


            Hi iym,


            The reason I am asking about standby current values is because my application will have 3V battery and I wanted to inquire what standby current is drawn from the battery. Preliminary numbers would help as well.