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    CYW4343W - is there any newer Bluetooth certificate because original expires?


      originally Broadcom got Bluetooth certificate for BCM4343W (and also for BCM43430 / BCM4343S / BCM43438) via

      QD ID 56580 / Declaration ID D022749



      having also these details:

          Specification Name: 4.1

          Core: 4.0 or later

          Product type: Component (Tested)

         Certification Assessment Date: 2014/May/12


      Unfortunately that certification is now going to expire, due to three year limit (AFAIR such rule).


      I found that Broadcom has also newer certification:



      Declaration ID D027844

      QD ID  80065

      Qualification Assessment Date  January/29/2016

      but that is for BCM4343 / BCM43430 / BCM43436. BCM4343W is not exactly mentioned with it.


      Thus my question;
      a. does that newer certificate with declaration ID 27844 cover also 4343W?
      b. is there any other new certificate that is valid also for 4343W?