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    Improvements to PSoC Creator software


      I would like to offer 3 cool ideas that could improve PSoC Creator:

      1. Integrate it with PCB routing software, e.g. Altium Designer (AD) in the following way. AD has a feature: if there are several identical sub-parts (e.g. gates in a logic IC) AD can connect traces autmatically for better routing. It would be gread if AD could do the same with PSoC pins. For example, if you connect a PGA to a pin, there are several pins that could be connected and there is no difference between them. Hence, you would just make a trace and AD would connect it to an avaliable pin automatically.

      2. Add possibility to work with several displays. It is very useful though, e.g. one display for code, another for schematic, etc.

      3. Add full-screen mode.