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    Importing PSoC Creator generated  code into an IDE - input request


      As you may have figured out from my posts, my focus here at Cypress for PSoC 6 is on software tools and enablement. To that end, I am writing an app note that explains how to use PSoC Creator generated code in a 3rd party IDE. It will cover PSoC 6 and PDL 3.0 only.


      Here's a chance to help make it better. I'd be interested in hearing from the community on what your real-world experience has been like for other PSoC devices. For example, what IDEs have you done this with? What was easy and good? What was troublesome? Did you have a moment where you said "If I had known X, this would have been much easier." If you did, what was X?


      I think you get the idea. What was it really like, in the real world, on real code. Your input will help me produce a more useful app note for you.


      Here's a very rough outline, top level only.

      • Basic overview of PSoC Creator (very short, documented elsewhere)
      • Basic overview of the PDL (very short, documented elsewhere)
      • Integrating Generated Code (high level, how this works, what choices you have)
      • Exporting and Importing Generated Code for a Supported IDE
      • Manually Importing Generated Code for any IDE
      • Manually Importing Generated Code - an Example (walk through, with screenshots)
      • Other Choices for Using Generated Code


      Is there anything else you think should be covered?


      Thanks in advance. I'll keep my eye on this thread.