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        Hi Mark!


        It's a fresh created project, created with PSoC Creator 4.1. I've facing this issue on several pc's and it started with the release of PSoC Creator 4.0. The difference is that with 4.0 building twice gives a valid output. With 4.1 only clicking 'compile file' and next 'build' will do the trick.


        Take a look at the screenshot below, I changed the main.c file, clicked 'build' and made the screenshot.

        Deleting the OMF file also doesn't change the behavior. This file isn't also regenerated after the main.c file has changed, only at clean & build.


        Maybe it has to do with the Dutch time notation setting in Windows. I'll test this.




        *added after 20 minutes: changing to US notation doesn't solve the problem.


        Schermafbeelding 2017-07-24 om 20.26.18.png

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          I cannot reproduce the behavior. Would it be possible to see the project? I do not know if you can share what you are working on but it sounds like this happens with really simple projects. The simpler the better! ! ! Please post here and email me at yfs@cypress.com so, if nothing arrives, I will know there is a problem.

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            Problem solved. Thanks for the great support you guys at Cypress!


            For those who like to know: when your project files are on an exFAT filesystem or for some reason there's a small delay in syncing the project file timestamps, building may not work well. Try to move your project to another disk with NTFS filesystem.


            Will be fixed with version 4.2.



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              I am not using a custom version.  As you can see from this image from 3.0 cypress, 2.5 was the largest version of pin number available.


              Now, PSOC Creator 4.1 has downgraded to pin version 2.2.


              No big deal, I handled it. It is just confusing.



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                I am pretty sure that you are actually targeting a PSoC 4 device. In PSoC 6 there is a new component, called PDL_GPIO, because the pins are a little different. On PSoC 4 the component is called cy_pins. We have not obsoleted the components in your picture - but I can see how you get to that conclusion. How to check this?


                In the Workspace Explorer the target device is shown in square brackets after the project name. If it starts with "CY8C4" then you have a PSoC 4 device. Unfortunately, you cannot change a PSoC 4 project to PSoC 6 because the architectures of the devices are very different. Another tip is to hover the mouse over the component in the schematic. It pops up a panel that starts with something like "Component name: cy_pins_v2_20" so you can tell what kind of component it is.


                I think the lesson here, for us, is that the new Project dialog and the Device Selector are getting hard to use. We have so many devices in there that it is really easy to pick the wrong one. We are going to have to take a look into that for future releases.

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