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    PSoC Creator 4.1 Update



      Here's an update on what to expect with PSoC Creator 4.1, planned to be released in the coming weeks!


      Web-Based Content Delivery

      With this release, you can now obtain updates to devices (including modules), Components, and code examples from the Cypress web page. This will reduce the overall size of PSoC Creator in the future, providing faster installs and updates. The other key benefit of web-based content delivery is that devices, Components, and code examples can be distributed as soon as they are ready, instead of waiting for the next PSoC Creator update.


      Pre- and Post-Build User Commands

      The Build Settings dialog was also updated to provide a User Commands page. This feature allows you to run custom, user-specified, pre-build commands before the compile steps, as well as run custom user-specified, post-build commands after PSoC Creator’s post-build step.


      Component Customizer Dialog Updates

      Cypress has made several small enhancements to the default Configure dialog to improve the user experience with Components. With FM0+ devices moving from instance-based to driver based Components, it is beneficial to present the actual struct members as they are in firmware. These enhancements enable new features in the default GUI that mean more Components can take advantage of the default interface.


      New Start Page

      This is an update to the existing Start Page to enable better, more focused content delivery to users. The static content in the Start Page (left panel) is being refreshed and the live content area (right panel) is being used to show web-based information for “Getting Acquainted” and “New in 4.1”.


      PSoC Creator 4.1 and PSoC 6

      PSoC Creator 4.1 will be a minimum prerequisite and is recommended for all to install in preparation for a PSoC 6 software toolset release that is coming soon.


      Feel free to leave comments or questions, we appreciate the feedback!

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          Impressive work, didn't even know about PSoC4xxxD devices, but Creator 4.1 is delaying a lot (supposedly coming out this week), hope it's released soon.

          Thanks for the update.

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            Kindly anyone can share the PSoC-6 Datasheet.

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              As far as i know it's not available yet.

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                The datasheet is still being refined and improved, we plan to release it in this community in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience! Please check back here for the datasheet update!

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                  Started working on the Creator 4.0 since past few months &  was hoping for web-based content delivery! will make the Creator 4 even more dope! Thanks

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                    This is probably on your radar already, but for PSoC 4 and 3/5, there's a spreadsheet to do power estimation (AN77900). It would be great if that could get folded into PSoC Creator for PSoC 6

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                      Can't wait to get going with PSoC Creator 4.1.


                      Is the dark color theme yet fixed in this release? (case# 00167907 / 489394-2968708861)




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                        As the time passes more question arises .

                        The component upgrades will be available for all PSoC devices? there's a typo on the Bootloader component reported like 1 year ago and it haven't been fixed .


                        PSoC Creator 4.1 have any improvements on the code editor?, one missing feature is bookmarks, you can only place them but not navigate in the code based on their location.


                        A dark skin theme might be great as well



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                          You can check it out yourself, since PSoC Creator 4.1 is available for download (at least from the Cypress Update Manager)

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                            Hi, yeah, i posted this question one day before Creator 4.1 got released. Hope the support for PSoC6 comes soon.

                            Editor still the same btw lol.

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                              Cypress is changing support systems and all support requests are automatically closed, but the new "support" system points back to the old support system which closes all support requests .........


                              Cypress Creator 4.1 dropped support for Digital Output Pin version 2.5.  It was available in 3.0 and 4.0, but dropped in 4.1.


                              There is no easy way to keep the schematic connection and change the version number.  You have to open it in a previous PSOCCreator and then downgrade the version there.  Don't save the 4.1 project when this happens because it will prevent its opening in an older version of PSOC Creator........

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                                Hello @user_463759797,


                                The latest and greatest Digital Output Pin version available in PSoC Creator 4.1 is version 2.2. Are you using a custom version of the component? Could you help us understand the issue that you are facing in some more detail?


                                As for the point you made on support systems, are you referring to the Cypress technical support interface? Are you looking for any help on using PSoC Creator?




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                                  PSoC Creator 4.1 ( still has a build problem. This video shows the problem (view in 1080p):

                                  PSoC Creator 4.1 build problem - YouTube


                                  Changes in code are not updated in the output.


                                  The solution is to clean & build the project after every change.


                                  Hope this gets fixed soon, it's very time consuming to rebuild the complete project after every small change.





                                  *added after 15 minutes:

                                  it seems the linker is not invoked at the build sequence after changes are made in the .c file

                                  (manually clicking "compile file" before debugging solves the problem too)

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                                    The build system works by checking if a given step is required and executing if needed. In your video it is compiling the C file but not linking all the objects into a new OMF file. I do not have enough information to know exactly why that is the case but the first thing to check is the time stamp of the file design01.omf. if that is newer (i.e. in the future) than the main.obj file then there is no reason to link. The most common cause of this issue is when you get files/projects from another user. Please also try deleting the Design01.omf file and let us know if things get better!

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