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    How to gather info for STA link quality


      What are the link-quality-related values that can be retrieved after a WICED device is associated to a WIFI AP?

      Possible values in my mind now are : RSSI / noise / SNR / current data rate / packet lost

      I already found that both APIs wwd_wifi_get_rssi & wwd_wifi_get_ap_info gives consistent RSSI values.

      But what about others ?



           - In my experiment wwd_wifi_get_ap_info always gives phy_noise = -91 and SNR = 0.

             And wwd_wifi_get_noise always gives noise = -91 (same as above).

             Exactly the same values are also presented by Cypress in this post.

             I wonder if this is a long-existing issue.

           - AP supported rates seems to be available from wwd_wifi_get_ap_info.

             But current data rate is still unknown.


      Platform : BCM94343W (Avnet Starter Kit)

      SDK version : 4.0.1