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    "But will it run Linux?"

      Not "run", of course, but "be built on". Couldn't bring myself to ruin a good quote


      Will there be tools to build and flash firmware to PSoC6 using Linux machine (or OS X)?


      I understand that PSoC Creator will not work on Linux anytime soon (I tried to install 4.0 on ubuntu 16.04 using wine just after 4.0 was released - couldn't make it work). But may be there are Other Tools that will work?

      cydsfit (if still used on PSoC 6) port would be fantastic.

      Right now, if you don't use analog routing, you can get PSoC Creator 4 working under wine, btw. Problem with my project that I use ADC+AMux and analog routing stage of cydsfit just blows up


      I have a Qt app which works with USB HID bootloader, so users in the field are somewhat "not affected" - but couldn't make PSoC Programmer to work from under wine. This limits support from the maker/hobbyist community significantly, as lots of people just don't want to install Windows, given Win10's spyware reputation.